Printing Services

Minuteman Press is a premium printing service in Edmonton empowering millions of corporate owners wide-reaching to market themselves skillfully. Our extensive range of excellence products at reasonable prices, along with enterprise tools matched to every skill level and requirement, mean everyone can produce the personalized materials they need to get their message across.

If you are having some confusion regarding the service of Minuteman Press, these Faqs will help shooting it-

Why we are simply the best?

Minuteman PressIt all started with the dream of creating a one stop business communication needs service requirements. Minuteman Press gives small corporate owners access to the similar superior, custom-printed products that superior corporations (with larger print finances) relished. Our team advanced superior printing technology that supplies professional-quality printing in lesser amounts, reasonably.

In the recent years we have combined our market-leading position. We’ve importantly long-drawn-out our product and facility contributions and progressed our technology.

How can you upload your photos for printing?

We have tried to make it stress-free for you to drag and drop your photos for printing on our website, but we are conscious that our arrangement is not yet faultless! Here are some procedures for how to have the best uploading familiarity:

  • Use Chrome on a PC to order, our uploader doesn’t work very good on mobile or tablets.
  • Make certain all your images are JPEGs. We do not consent any extra file type.
  • The smallest size photo for most products is 612px x 612px and the supreme size photo for whatever but Big Arrangement Prints is 25MB.
  • We vouch for a 300 ppi resolution for the vibrant prints.
  • We agree to take RGB color outlines.
  • Except you’re assembling Large Format Prints, please do not upload photographs greater than 6MB.
  • If you’re having concern ordering, here are some distinctive reasons:
  • Using Internet Explorer to order. Our website isn’t very well-matched with this browser, sorry!
  • Uploading the mistaken copy extent. Check your JPEGs are over 612 x 612 pixels in measurement. If they’re below this size you’ll need to physically resize them by means of a photo editing software.
  • Outlay too long on your order or sendoff uploaded photos instant. Our back-end only holds back imperfect orders for up to 8 hours. We’re occupied on refining this!
  • Uploading many very hugephotographs. If you’re uploading hundreds of photographs and a lot of them are over 2MB in size, our uploader can act little sluggish or arcade. For stuffs like our agendas, weendorse you use imageries under 2MB in size.

What if you order to print a product and didn’t get the right one?

ServicesFor Minuteman Press customers and their needs are the priority. If you are only satisfied with a certain order, we will reprint your order or repay you in full if you are unhappy with the excellence of your prints. Just email us or contact us at 780.416.9502 with an explanation of the matter and some photos of your prints taken in usual light. We want to make things precise for you!