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Minuteman PressDigital printing services in Edmonton have now become popular as the audience of modern era get attracted to the printed words and are considered best to leave an impact on the customers. You can get your newsletter, business forms, manuals, invitations, menus, posters, brochures and many other things which are required in a digital form. Still if you have any doubts, you can get go through the FAQs listed below:

What is digital printing?

The professional printing which is done with the digital based image from desktop publishing is referred to as digital printing. It involves the use of inkjet and laser technologies.

Do you provide two color printing?

Yes, you can order two color printing. You just have to normally place an order for the same and you have to mention that you require two colors printing in the comment section. If you have a h2 desire for any two colors, you can mention them too.

How will you send me my order? Will you email my postcards and brochures?

We will glad to send your postcards and brochures through an email to the email address you have provided to us. You will have the option to upload your mail address while placing an order.

Which file format is best while I upload for printing?

As obvious, the accepted formats of files include JPEG, PSD, TIFF but you can also upload in other file formats which include:

For Photoshop users: DNG file format is preferred for the users of the Adobe Software user. In case you send us NEF or CR2 format, then send us the XMP sidecar file too. This XMP file would provide us the information about the image such as metadata and changes made to the image. With a DNG file, XMP file is not required at all.

Can I get the proof prints?

With your every order, it is important to submit 12 digital image files in order to get the proof prints. You should send all the image files in the folders with the size and quantity you need. The proofs of digital files will be back printed.

In what form do you accept payments?

We accept payments in cash, checks and through cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

What about the confidentiality of my image files?

We know the importance of the digital image files on which you would have worked for hours or days. We treat your files with extreme confidentiality and do not disclose or upload them without your consent.

Do you print all kinds of images?

No, we do not print the images which are against our privacy policy, and terms and conditions. For an instance, we do not print images related to our ethical concerns.

Is there any way to track my order?

The progress of your order can be tracked by logging on to our site and go to the orders section.

Digital Printing In Edmonton