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Mobile Billboard Orlando

Mobile Billboard Orlando

A mobile billboard in Orlando places your brand at the busiest points as they shift throughout the day. Turn an audience into customers with a memorable message using Legion Digital, a company with experience in many of the largest markets in America.

How can a billboard truck help my business?

Advertising creates a significant return on investment, over five dollars for ever dollar you spend. Billboards are part of many successful campaigns, letting you promote new products, deals, and companies to your target market for a relatively low cost.

Display based advertising is particularly effective. Nearly 50 percent of people remember all content from a standard billboard and this number improves dramatically when placing content on buses and taxis with 66 percent of people remember everything they see.

What is a billboard truck?

Markets shift throughout the day. People go to work and return home, go out to eat and shop, and visit Orlando Studios. Orland mobile billboard trucks work around this concept to place a memorable and positive message in front of potential customers where they are most likely to be.

Traffic advertising in Orlando using dedicated vehicles has the same impact as when marketing on buses or taxis. The difference is that our Orlando FL mobile billboard advertising team works with you to find routes maximizing your return on investment.

Can Orlando mobile billboards reach tourists?

One of the most critical parts of a marketing campaign in the city that Disney and Orlando Studios built is reaching tourists who may be looking for everything from food to swimming trunks and even something to do outside a major attraction. These people do not know the area as well as residents.

Utilizing our mobile billboard company in Orlando allows you to get to where the action is, designating routes near the major theme parks. Let tourists know that you are an option suited to their needs with compelling graphics, video, and even audio.

Are Orlando mobile billboards regulated?

The United States Supreme Court decided that cities do have the right to enact ordinances related to mobile advertising. However, according to Arbitron, most municipalities have not and the ones that do merely limit parking trucks and trailers off public roads.

Aside from basic permitting, there are no issues reaching your customers at the variety of festivals and parks that draw millions every year. The city is yours to paint with a message that most will remember, and eighty percent of viewers will recall.

Where can I hire a mobile billboard in Orlando?

Legion Digital, with years of experience, is more than a truck service. We understand marketing campaigns and how we fit into your plan.

Our team of experts knows the laws and routes, maximizing the impact of your message. We can place your message where it is most likely to draw customers anywhere and at any time. If the message is compelling, you will see a return on investment.

Making Orlando mobile billboards part of your advertising campaign works. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

Mobile Billboard Orlando
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