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Video Window Displays

Video Window Displays

Video window displays catch the attention of potential customers. This type of signage generates a return. Digital glass makes electronic signage and displays with class.

What is a window video display?

Video is a powerful medium. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video weaves images into a powerful and captivating message.

Storefronts use these signs to advertise sales and promote products. Gaining the attention of window shoppers is simple through this medium. Every sense is engaged, allowing you to connect an emotional element to your products and services.

The power of video advertising

Statistics show that visual ads convert visitors into customers. Simply adding a video to a product description online increases the chance of a purchase by 35 percent.

Conversion rates are high. One-third of shoppers purchase a product after viewing an advertisement. The visual medium captivates and motivates.

What is the return on investment for a window video display?

There are many factors involved in determining the cost of a video wall. The starting price for a two-foot by two-foot display consisting of 46-inch monitors is $18000. An LED wall typically runs between $17000 and $25000 per square meter.

While expensive, conversion rates often make obtaining such a window display worth the investment. A retailer selling cars, electronics, or with significant foot traffic often find that the potentially 33 percent increase in conversions is worth the price.

Can I customize my window display?

Video displays are at your disposal. Users manage multiple displays through their operating system. The same principle applies to your display. Software allows you to create bespoke advertising without paying for new posters or props.

Simply create a video and push the finished product to your display without waiting for designers. Push sales immediately.

Can a video display save me money?

Traditional window displays cost money. Graphic designers, publishers, and marketers are all involved. Retail stores spend up to $3500 per display with higher prices paid for holidays and other special events.

Anyone can create a video display. A video editor costs as little as $200. Avoid graphic designer, construction, and printing fees with video. Savings accrue as you no longer need to tear down and replace physical displays.

Smart glass technology

Recent technology allows you to turn any space into a digital advertisement. You have the power to do anything to your storefront. Sell your product on every window, or wall.

With Digital Glass, the sky is the limit. Our professional video window displays allow you to promote your products and services with relative ease.

Window displays in the United States

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising. The average retailer budgets twelve percent of their revenue for marketing with a significant portion going to signs and related permits and fees. Our products give you the ultimate control over your message.

Get in touch with us for a free demonstration. Our experts will show you how we turn your retail space into a powerful advertising tool. Upload content, engage customers, and measure the impact of your sign from your mobile device.

Video Window Displays

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